Relationship Mastery by Stephen Van Basten

Written by TBBManiacRobyn Relationship Mastery by Stephen Van Basten May 26, 2017 | TBBManiacRobyn Relationship Mastery  From not reading self-help at all to reading two in a row, oh what has become of me 😉 I read and reviewed So you’re married, now what? By Stephen and was informed that Relationship Mastery was THE most... Continue Reading →

Misled by C.J. Spammer

Written by TBBManiacRobyn The Book As Sara is confronted with a past she thought she left behind, all the hidden truths are forced to the fore of her mind. She knew she had to do what she did. She had no other choice. Leave and give them a chance at happiness, normalcy. But now it’s... Continue Reading →

In Time For Christmas by Nathan Van Der Berg

Written by TBBManiacSian Jake Mitchell is a driven student with little regard for apartheid laws. In spite of this he has an overwhelming fear for the security forces. His resolve is tested when he falls in love across the race barrier with the neighbour’s daughter, Lana.   The consequences are dire for Jake and his... Continue Reading →

Deceived by Heena Rathore P.

Written by TBBManiacRobyn Deceived The Book Deceived is one of those books that I start off reading with a fair amount of hesitance. It has a fascinating plot; however I battle with anything involving children being the victims of crime.Allison comes home to find her mother and 5-year-old brother murdered. Picking up 8 years later... Continue Reading →

When The Morning Comes by S.W. Frontz

Written by TBBManiacJackie   When the Morning Comes is my first review for TBB; suggested by TBB Maniac Sian; who is quite knowledgeable about my literary likes and dislikes. Without the benefit of a front cover to entice me; I started reading this book two weeks ago (whilst still contending with life in general) and... Continue Reading →

The Reluctant Cuckoo by Cathy Donald

Written by TBBManiacSian For Hannah, born from Nandi, and adopted by Patrick and Fiona, it is not so easy to work out who she really is. Is she the privileged daughter of an upper middle class British couple or is she an unwanted South African child who needed an adoptive family? How can she reconcile... Continue Reading →

How We Found You by JT Lawrence

Written by TBBManiacRobyn I received How We Found You (HWFY) as an ARC from the author. This, though hugely appreciate, has in no way had an influence on my opinions of this book.       The Book Kirsten and Seth are back, living together and raising Kirsten’s two kids; Mally and Silver. It’s been 4... Continue Reading →

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