Midnight Tales by Toni Cox

The cover guys, the cover. I am loving the series covers. Each one fits together so nicely with the next one and I cannot wait to have all of them sitting on my bookshelf. This kind of cover reminds me of those seriously good books of old that you got on Christmas from your parents... Continue Reading →


Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry

By TBBManiacRobyn   Bryony is an imaginative and curious young girl, battling to adjust to the presence of her cousin Gigi who is mourning the murder of her mother. Liam and Adele – struggling to pick up the pieces of their quickly deteriorating family as secrets from years ago start to surface. Lesedi, the Sangoma... Continue Reading →

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

By TBBManiacRobyn   I am so completely undecided about this damned book! Zoo City has got to be one of the most intensely irritating yet ultimately rewarding books that I have read in a very long time. The first book by Lauren Beukes that I picked up, it was the cover that grabbed hold of... Continue Reading →

On Fire By Toni Cox

If you have not already introduced yourself to the work of Toni Cox then you are certainly in for only small fraction of a treat of what this author has to offer you. Introducing the first book in her Short Stories collection, Cox gives us something to nibble on while we wait for the third... Continue Reading →

Madness in Duggart

The year is 1986. While most of Duggart’s mentally afflicted inhabitants are scattered in mental hospitals, traditional healers’ quarters and churches’ healing quarters, Dooks, like an uncomfortable number of other mentally ill people,is singing to a different tune ... Dooks Digame is in a class of his own. Funny, witty, scary, wise, spooky, weird, creepy,... Continue Reading →

28 Boys by Ashleigh Giannoccaro

Written by TBBManiacSian Underneath these gang tattoos beats a heart three times a year. I’m a slow puncture death, a murderer, a rapist, and a number. I killed my best friend. Death doesn’t stalk me, it walks ahead of me by twenty-eight paces.I went home after I sold my soul to the devils. I thought... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Chaos by Zaheera Walker

Written by TBBManiacSian Life is good for Kajal Maharaj. She has the perfect parents, a career that drives her, a best friend   and the spunk to tomboy her way through life.She has everything going for her until she logs into her account one evening and Facebook leads her to Seraj Daniels. They meet for... Continue Reading →

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