On Fire By Toni Cox

If you have not already introduced yourself to the work of Toni Cox then you are certainly in for only small fraction of a treat of what this author has to offer you.

Introducing the first book in her Short Stories collection, Cox gives us something to nibble on while we wait for the third book in her epic fantasy Elemental series. If you haven’t yet tantalized your taste buds on this superb authors epic fantasies then I suggest you quickly follow up with them once you have fully digested this short tale of self doubt and accomplishment.

The covers remind me of my childhood. My mom would buy me these classic story books to keep me entertained at night before bedtime. Cox has brought these back for me and I devoured this book in a day because it just captured me.

The story itself is an extremely carefully woven tale about Maia, our heroine, and a step of growth in her life that not even she could imagine taking. Cox has brought back the original fable type book where she has given us an amazing book, as well as an excellent lesson to take home.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.


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