The Business Book Club: Cliffhanger by Gareth Cliff | Interviewed by Jacques Villeman

Written by TBBManiacSian

The Business Book Club – Cliffhanger by Gareth Cliff

April 04th 2017

Hosted by: Skoobs Theatre of Books & The Business Book Club

The Business Book Club is a book club founded by Jacques Velleman, CEO & Founder of Centred a Business Consulting and Coaching firm. The Business Club as described on their Facebook page as “An after work event encouraging dynamic peer-to-peer discussion on thought-provoking book choices. A catalyst for building unique & powerful connections!” It was so much more than that for me. For one thing the entrance into the event was to donate a book. These books would go to The Signature Library based in Soweto which is run by Musa Mbele-Radebe which is an important initiative bringing reading back to the community. The guest this evening was the one and only Gareth Cliff who had such interesting things to say; as he usually does; but the most important one to me personally and the one I really took away was “You take offense; it isn’t give. It’s a voluntary action and you could just as well decide not to be offended.” I don’t want to say too much more because TBB is bringing to you our first filmed event! It is only a portion of the event and lots more went down and if you don’t want to miss anything then keep an eye on the Skoobs Theatre of Books Facebook page and attend an event!

For the full Youtube video visit our Youtube Channel.


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