Don’t Look Back (Land’s End Book 2) By S.W. Frontz

Written by TBBManiacJackie

Don’t look back is the second instalment of the Land’s End series; I enjoyed the story’s progression from the first book in the series, I must confess and I am eagerly awaiting the third book (based on the last paragraph; I am expecting a third book).


The author has introduced a few new characters and brought back the much liked old characters; and the story flows well from book one to book two; continuing with the murder and madness that I so enjoyed in the first book.

The author definitely improved in the writing of the second book; the book was better edited; still not perfect; but much better and the writing style has improved; I didn’t feel so much like I was reading a story in this book and I was able to get into it a lot quicker.

The dialogue pieces also improved dramatically and reading this book was a much better experience all round; perhaps that can be observed in the fact that I read the book over a weekend.

The timing aspect has also improved; the author did not employ the same style for timing in this book and as a result the timing in the story was a lot more successful.

Don’t Look Back gets a 4 out of 5

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition

Published Date:  October 31, 2016

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

 Author and purchase information available on Website Review.


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