When The Morning Comes by S.W. Frontz

Written by TBBManiacJackie


When the Morning Comes is my first review for TBB; suggested by TBB Maniac Sian; who is quite knowledgeable about my literary likes and dislikes. Without the benefit of a front cover to entice me; I started reading this book two weeks ago (whilst still contending with life in general) and although it took a little while to get into the book; at the end I find myself pleasantly surprised with this story.

The story is a good one; full of the things I enjoy in a book; murder; revenge; family plots and secrets; a little bit of police investigation; I will be reading the second book in the series soon.

My criticisms (constructive not meant to malign) are that this does seem to be a “first” book for this author; she doesn’t seem to have found a rhythm just yet and as a result the reading tends to feel like just that; you are reading a story; when I read Stephen King (My Favourite!!); I never feel like I am reading a story; I always get so engrossed in the tale being spun around me that I sometimes seem to wake up from a daze and reality has to re-assert itself; for me; that is the ultimate reading experience.

The writing in this book unfortunately didn’t induce that feeling in me; in the beginning it felt like a chore but once the story started picking up; I was able to successfully ignore the “story reading” aspect and enjoy the tale.

The dialogue in the book is also quite disjointed and it does tend to “pull” you out of the story as you are reading; making you have to re-read certain lines just to get the gist of the conversation; I hope this is something the author improved on in the next book.

The story jumps around a lot from the present day to the past and it seems as though there is a bit of confusion here and there in the book about times; perhaps something the editors may have overlooked.

My final criticism is on the language in the book; being a stickler for grammar; spelling and punctuation; I find there are a few too many errors in this book; perhaps based on my assumption that this seems to be a “first” book; the next book in the series will have improvement on this score.

Overall; I would give the author a 3 out of 5; it is a good story; just with a few bumps and humps to overcome.

Review Rating: 3/5

More Information:

Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition

Published Date:  April 28, 2016

Genre:  Mystery

 Author and purchase information available on Website Review.


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