Journey of the Heart by Monde Nkasawe

Written by TBBManiacSian

Journey of the Heart is a poetry anthology with which most people will identify, especially those who grew up in the rural areas. The anthology spans a number of interwoven themes, including memories of childhood; experiences linked to growing up; being a teenager; the world of work; being in and out of love; political views; as well as tributes to departed famous personalities. 

The poems were written as a reflection on snippets and samples of life. They were written to capture fleeting moments in time and in memory, to reflect a reaction to events, to address unresolved inner tensions, and to verbalize emotions. The poems are about survival and eschewal of victimhood. Writing them was a truly cathartic experience. 

To start off I want to discuss the quality of this book. Having had my fair share of books join my library I know what a good quality book is made of and Kwarts definitely has a finesse for good quality books. I am very impressed with the cover; the layout and the overall feel of this book.

Onto the content – now this was an interesting one for me. The poems included in this book take the reader through a bit of a roller coaster of emotions with the writer from his youth; to his schooling; to the movement against apartheid; to love. The writer has a good way with words although there were times that I felt the writer was trying a little too hard with his writing. An important note to make here though is that poetry is a personal journey and whether the writer was actually trying too hard or simply felt that was the way the poem should go is a subjective matter. For me though; I felt some poems were trying too hard.

This aside; there were some excellent poems that really gave me a wonderful understanding of the writer’s world and what he went through throughout his life. The book invokes a lot of emotions that were both welcome and unwelcome but highly necessary in my eyes. It was an excellent experience and certainly gave me a very different perspective on life.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys poetry; journeys of self-discovery and love for a deeper understanding of a completely different world.

Review Rating: 3/5

More Information:

Published By: Kwarts Publishers

Published Date: February 14; 2017

Genre:  Poetry

 Author and purchase information available on Website Review.


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