Why You Were Taken by JT Lawrence

Written by TBBManiacRobyn

The Book

Kirsten has battled against the Black Hole in her heart for as long as she can remember, but learnt to bury that feeling over the years or at least to live with it. Seeking out fertility help sets in motion events that will soon feed that Black Hole as Kirsten learns that her mother, and childhood, may not be what she thought it was. As she fights for answers with friend Keke at her side, every step leads her towards one person who will fill that hole and at the same time pull her away from the man she thought she could always trust.


My Thoughts

I started it and finished it in one day. I couldn’t put it down, I couldn’t stop my emotional rollercoaster as each chapter came and went. I am absolutely amazed that JT Lawrence has managed to blow me away once again.

What I Liked:

1.       WYWT made me feel like I’d stumbled on one of George Orwell’s rough drafts for 1984. South Africa’s political strife and financial turbulence are drawn together into a futuristic time where robots approach you with clothing suggestions, a diabetic has a tattoo that changes colour when you need your next dose of insulin and adverts change based on the individual passing by. It is the type of future that isn’t implausible. And it doesn’t come free of the divisions we’re accustomed to.

2.       I always enjoy it when fiction tackles heated topics, in WYWT we deal with the imbalance in society, the ethics of altering genes and cloning, or building babies and even how easy it is for us to fall under the control of those who manage the country and its people.

3.       Characters were relatable and worked well together. Keke is by far a favourite of mine, while Seth had me convinced I’d dislike him for the entire book.

4.       In terms of plot, initially you aren’t too certain where it’s going to go, it grabs your attention, keeping you hooked you feel almost like you’re been dared to read on. And so, you do. Naturally. And you get smacked with a plot twist. Then a character arc. Then an intense emotional revelation, or a crazy fight scene. It’s not a boring read at all.

5.       I loved the hacktivist angle used, I thought it was brilliant particularly because there isn’t actually any confirmation offered on which side they were ‘batting’ for. You do not get a sense of them being good guys, nor do you feel they’re entirely criminal.

6. A lot of the time, while reading, I sat there wondering to myself… how would I handle this all? Kirsten really is the kind of character who takes you by the hand and pulls you through the story with her.

What I disliked

1.       OK, not so much disliked but rather confused by;

Kirsten’s synaesthesia is a fascinating aspect of her character, however I found it just a tad confusing understanding how she experiences life with this joined perception. Being such a unique character trait/state, I think there’d be benefit in leading the reader into understanding this condition.

2.     The reunion of siblings (attempting to avoid obvious spoilers here) I feel could have enjoyed just a wee bit more distrust, even antagonism. It felt just a little too mushy considering the time that has passed since their separation.

Oh and listen. The ending had my heartbroken and trampled on. I feel absolutely devastated for Marmalade.


Yet another amazing read courtesy of JT Lawrence, I am too chuffed at having basically all her books now and am looking forward to sharing the review for newly released How We Found You. Pick this up if you’re after a fast paced and intense sci-fi-ish psychological thriller.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: Fire Finch Press; 2 edition

Published Date:  February 23, 2017 (2nd Edition)

Genre:  Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

 Author and purchase information available on Website Review.


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