Sticky Fingers: 12 Short Stories By JT Lawrence

Written By TBBManiacRobyn


I won a competition hosted by JT Lawrence, from which I received The Memory of Water as well as Sticky


Fingers generously sent as a sort of ‘bonus’. ***This has in no way affected my views on this book***

I’ve not read anything by our JT Lawrence, so suspected short stories to be the safer option before delving into either of the other two books received. Also because I’m not the biggest fan of short stories. Now however, I am sitting in a warm, sunlit office feeling so chilled to the bone I’ve had to pour another cup of coffee and grab my jersey. I finished this book in a day, you cannot put it down no matter how hard you may try to!

I am trying to determine the most effective way to review each story – to give an adequate detail about just how touched I am feeling right now, but it’s a seemingly impossible task at present.

Bridge Gate was almost too depressing – imagining poor Emily desperate for connection to her father, and how he must be feeling receiving the letters!? Innocence prevents her from realising the subtle descriptions alluding to her father’s ‘residential’ arrangements.

The Itch freaked me out completely. I got itchy, and then that freaked me out even more. It’s incredible the psychological connection and inference that goes on between book and reader isn’t it?

The Unsuspecting Gold Digger broke my heart. Like. Love is a most complicated and agonising thing, and all I can think right now is; You b!tch.

Here I cheated and skipped ahead to Escape. The blurb gives away the premise and I knew this would be the worst of the lot. Interesting concept regarding self-awareness in a 9 months old, but the ending – well I’m confused. But I’m also terribly unsettled at the notion of a suicidal baby. It’s terrified me and I need to go hug my kids.

Thank God for Travelling Slacks as a come down. Arrogant and obnoxious prick that he is, a travelling touristy reviewer who overlooks the error of his ways to rather point blame and upset at the establishment unlucky enough to host him. Entertaining and light hearted, I enjoyed the comedic value amongst the darkened tales.

Something Borrowed was both chilling, upsetting and maddening. I am hurting at the idea of never being able to let go of one singular event. Reliving it constantly and then having the very cause of the pain be the only thing on which to rely.

She did It is the perfect demonstration of everyone having their own demons and issues. A detective with an imaginary friend who helps him solve the case of a beaten woman. Curiously written, exquisite conclusion and the closing line… well I will admit, I giggled.

Pigeon Pair had me in stitches. I am not a fan of pigeons so related so easily with the characters. Get all of them!!!!

Grey Magic was an interesting one, and having taken a sneak peek at the full-length book of the same name – you’re being introduced to Raven. A fascinating short story that has left me pondering on the law of karma and what the hell will happen if one day blood tests are needed…. Hmmm.

The Little Pink Book – Another one I am left scratching my head over, or maybe that’s still the remnants of The Itch?

Off the Hinge was a bittersweet one for me, because as bizarre as it was, and a little off the wall it left me thinking of my grandmother. The innocence and weirdness that we revert to with age…

Sticky Fingers We’ve all been tempted to sneak a choccie, in fact as I child I did the same, thankfully however I never ended up in any sticky situations. Interesting take on kleptomania.


It’s been a long time since a book managed to elicit such insane emotional responses from me, from shock and disgust to feeling like I was gut-punched. Giggling and amused or devastated. She’s got an incredible talent for weaving  stories which though short are filled with brilliant imagery and attention grabbing subject matter. Each of them examines the fears of most people, but takes them to an entirely different level. I cannot wait to get stuck into The Memory of Water and Grey Magic.

Review Rating 4 Stars

More Information:

Published by: Pulp Books

Published date: June 9th 2016

Genre: Short Stories / Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

Author and purchase information available on Website Review.


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