Undead Cheesehead by Scott Burtness

Written By TBBManiacSian

I was giving a copy of this book to review in advance.

Stanley’s lonely.

Before the strange events of the past few months, the self-proclaimed alien abductee and T.V. crime drama aficionado would drink and bowl with his friends, Herb and Dallas. But no one’s seen hide nor hair of Dallas in the longest, and Herb’s been spending all of his time with his girlfriend, Lois.

That just leaves Stanley, and Stanley’s lonely.

Everything changes when Stanley becomes a zombie. With each bite, he gains a new friend. Soon, he has more friends than he would’ve ever thought possible. If he could just sink his teeth into Herb, Lois, and Dallas, they’d all be together again, and everything would be perfect.


Everything changes when Stanley’s home is vandalized. After someone breaks all of his dinner plates and ruins his last hotdog, a zombie apocalypse overtakes Trappersville. To make matters worse, the Society shows up. Stanley and his supernatural friends are trapped between an ancient order of monster hunters and a hungry zombie horde. If that wasn’t bad enough, one zombie in particular looks a lot like Stanley.

Things aren’t looking good for the fine folks of Trappersville, Wisconsin. Will Stanley, his friends, and the entire town be lost?

Over Stanley’s dead bodies.

I don’t even know where to start.

The Cover. Let’s start with Burtness’ amazing covers of all three books. They capture the humour of the book you are about to read and Undead Cheesehead; the third instalment in this series; is no different. I LOVE the covers. They just speak out to the reader about how funny the story is going to be as well as really showing the characters personality. If you have read all the books in the series; as I have; you can clearly see the personalities shining through the covers.

Now the book. Oh the book. This was a really bittersweet one for me because I know this was a Trilogy and that it was coming to an end but at the same time; I really REALLY needed to know what was happening to Stanley. I have to admit; I was chewing on my nails from the word get go. Would Burtness pull it off for a third time? I mean; Stanley was so… average in the other books… how could he possibly have a story as well? But he should because he is the third part and an important at that of the trio of friends. ARGH! So many questions. The most important answer being – He did it. Burtness did it again. He brought together an amazing book that kept me hooked from the first word to the last. Incorporating all my favourite characters from Trappersville in one exciting and rather funny tale about Stanley; Herb and Dallas and their latest adventure. Hell I can’t even say that Burtness did it again because he surpassed his two other books with this awesome; hilarious tale of Zombies; Vampires; Werewolves and Witches.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a combination of humour and fantasy with the best twists ever. I recommend this ENTIRE series for any fantasy fan.

Review Rating: 5/5

More Information:

Published By: Scott Burtness

Published Date: March 1, 2017

Genre:  Science Fiction / Fantasy

Author and purchase information available on Website Review.


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