#MTW2017 Ice Rift – Ben Hammott

Written By TBBManiacSian

In Antarctica everyone can hear you scream!

Humans have always looked to the stars for signs of Extraterrestrials.
They have been looking in the wrong place.
They are already here, entombed in a spaceship beneath Antarctic ice for thousands of years.
The ice is melting and they will soon be free.

A huge rift in the ice is discovered in Antarctica that stretches for 18 miles, (29 km) and 820 feet (250 meters) apart at its widest point.
When environmental scientists enter the ice rift to check out an anomaly on NASA’s satellite scans of the area, they discover something far more life threatening than the raging blizzard trapping them in the rift. They are unarmed and unprepared for their ensuing fight for survival.

Though Ice Rift – Salvage, is a continuation of the story from Ice Rift, it was brought about by readers feedback saying they would like to read a follow on book. Ice Rift can be read as a complete story. There is no cliffhanger or abrupt ending.

Where do I begin to start with my review on this surprisingly good book. Why do I say surprisingly – mostly because it has been a long time since I have read a decent Science Fiction / Thriller but Ben Hammott does not not disappoint. Another reason it was surprising was because when I saw the cover of the book I was in two minds over whether or not I would enjoy this book. I mean; it’s Antarctica – I expected people who were stranded in a cold desolate place and start murdering each other – and boy I am so happy I was wrong.

First and foremost I need to mention that Hammott has an excellent notion of how to build suspense. At first I thought it was just your run of the mill expedition story but then it got exciting and then the suspense was killing me because it JUST DID NOT END. Oh let’s see what’s around this corner BAM I have a heart attack. Then I think it’s okay; now’s the time to build suspense again and then BAM I get another heart attack. That’s the thing with this book though; the suspense is built on the fact that literally around every corner there COULD be something. Sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes there is. Sometimes you wish you could run away and hide because Hammott has such a vivid imagination that you have no issues picturing exactly what is after the characters at the moment.

Overall I liked the book. It had all the makings of a great story. Likeable and realistic characters; excellent plot devices; great character growth; awesome climax; beautiful resolution and an unexpected ending. It was a great book and one that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat whether you love mystery; thrillers; Science Fiction or all of those genres.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the few rare occasions when I felt like the story was dragging out a bit or where I think the author could have given the reader more. Overall however Hammott is clearly a talented writer and I would gladly recommend his book.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Published Date: June 24, 2016

Genre:  Thriller / Mystery

Author and purchase information available on Website Review.


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