#MTW2017 Ghost Flight by KC Sprayberry

Reviewed by TBBManiac Robs

I was born to a family whose passion for aircraft has been passed down through generations; my grandfather was a pilot, my dad an aircraft technician. We attend every airshow we can and will always follow the flight path of any aircraft as they fly overhead. So naturally when Ghost Flight was listed on the MTW list, I knew it’d be a book I would need to read.

The Book

Set in the Arizona Desert, three military personnel have seen Ghost Flight. Sabotage of the F-16 fighter jets is the only sensible reason for the inexplicable crashes that have resulted in the apparitions of Ghost Flight, guiding the three individuals in their pursuit for answers. Staff Sergeant Kayla Watkins thinks she has the answer, but also has to battle against her demented ex-husband, Derek, the very man that Special Investigations Office Jake Arnold is investigating. Technical Sergeant Trent Montrose had been drawn in by Kayla’s strength and determination. Will they be able to bring closure to the team of Ghost Flight?

My Thoughts

What I liked

1.   It has jets. Yes, I love planes, and I loved reading a book with the air force at the fore, it’s (at the top of my head) the only book I’ve read with pilots as victims (and allies) and I loved it SO much.

2.   Kayla is one helluva lady. She openly admits to seeing Ghost Flight which puts her sanity in question, in addition she has an ex-husband who is intent on destroying her by any means possible. Fighting to prove her sanity, to clear her name, and to get her kids back while simultaneously trying to move on from the damage of her divorce. I have a strong love for the underdog female.

3.   I love that Sprayberry gives us the villain so early in the book. In a way I feel it made the rest of the story all the more tantalizing as you try to see just how the good vs bad will square off. And the fact that there was no doubt in my mind that I hate him. I love having a strong and intense dislike for a character that so totally deserves it.

4.   Trent is an absolute sweetie, though I do feel the affection that develops to be a little unrealistic purely for how quickly it happens, I think his history is such that’d make him perfect for Kayla. And yes I was routing for them, and hoping they’d find one another, but it was still a little too fast.

5.   I love supernatural elements being thrown into stories, I am a firm believer that the ‘other side’ can connect and it’s always great when it’s a subplot. I do think that a bit more of Ghost Flight being included could have potentially created a far more intricate plot, say maybe having clues being dropped by individual pilots, or them asking questions which’d lead to the answers Kayla was looking for.

What I disliked

1.   As much as I loved the overall story, I do feel that it progressed almost too quickly. You know how you get people who, when they talk do so at a speed which makes them seem SUPER excited and just unable to get words out fast enough? That’s what this book reminded me of. I felt like my head was swimming just trying to keep up with each new development.

2.   I’m not sure if it’s the copy I was sent in particular, or if it’s how this book was actually published, but random words were in bold at random points, I’d have understood if it was intended as a means of highlighting but it seemed to be completely at random which frustrated my OCD-ish little brain. (See what I mean?)

3.   I don’t understand Kayla using the “He was angry” schpeel when it’s made known that Derek was abusive. I mean, I get that there was a high amount of bigotry and stereotypical opinion towards her, all of which was orchestrated by the douche bag, but being portrayed as such a STRONG character, it felt off to me that she only manages to really fight back at the end.

(A note on this: Abuse results in very unpredictable reactions in victims, I get that. It’s just that the difference in her personality was too extreme)

4.   DEREK. Yes. He’s an absolute poephol who doesn’t seem to have the most expansive command of the expletive language. I mean really, can you not think of anything more creative than bitch and whore? He’s a controlling, manipulative and deeply deranged prick who I am beyond happy to see the back of.

5.   The plot itself is brilliant, but I just couldn’t grasp the concept of things happening so… easily. I mean, everyone is intent on bringing down Derek, he doesn’t suspect anything, there is no fight back from him, proof is found which I would have assumed would be easy for anyone. I dunno, something about the interactions just really didn’t sit well for me. WHY did Ghost Flight even chose Kayla, Trent and Jake?


If you enjoy military supernatural thrillers this’d be an enjoyable read for you. Though the plot is thin and the pace is quite fast, it’s an enjoyable read that will keep you hooked long enough to finish it. An afternoon read for sure that’s going to appeal to the intrinsic need for justice to be served on those who feel it’s ok to squash others to come out on top, regardless of lives at risk. I’ll certainly reread this when looking for an entertaining and light read.

Review Rating: 3 / 5

More Information:

Publisher Solstice Publishing

Published Date October 21, 2016

Genre: Thriller and Suspense



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