#MTW Live Event with Patricia Loofbourrow

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As part of The Mystery Thriller Week, #TBBManiacKim participated in a chat with Patricia Loofbourrow, author of Jacq of Spades, Part One in the Red Dog Conspiracy.

About the book : When Jacqui was twelve, she watched her best friend die in front of her as he tried to save her from being sold to the Spadros crime family. Ten years later, she’s been forcibly married to the Spadros Family heir by her sadistic father-in-law. But they don’t know that she’s a private eye. http://getBook.at/jacqofspades

Here’s how things started:

Hi, everyone! My name is Patty Loofbourrow, and welcome! I’ll be your host for the next hour. I’m a science fiction writer and the author of the steampunk neo-noir Red Dog Conspiracy series.

The Red Dog Conspiracy follows a female private eye in a far future neo-Victorian domed city which used to be beautiful but is now split between four crime families.

I live in central Oklahoma with my husband, three grown children, and a grumpy black angora rabbit. My favorite book series right now is Game of Thrones. I love speculating “what if?” about far future cultures, military SF, creating my steampunk costumes, spinning, reading, and binge-watching Netflix.

We’re going to have fun! You can read more about me here: http://www.pattyloof.com/blog/about-patty/

This Event Was Reviewed as 9/10 by TBBManiacKim

And this is a little of what followed:

Q: How did this series come into being?

A: I got started on writing during the 2005 National Novel Writing Month, and found that I loved writing novels. So when 2013 came around, I was wondering what to write on – and a sentence came to me … and it sounded noir!

(if you want to read about the mechanics, I wrote an article about it here:http://www.pattyloof.com/…/how…

See more)

Q:  It’s a very complex world, or perhaps it is the society which is complex. How do you keep track of all the characters and plots in this wonderful story?

A:  Spreadsheets. LOL! I do have lots of them: spreadsheets, worksheets, folders for each Family and faction. It’s a lot of fun. I use Open Office – lots of what I call worksheets which are just pages about each character, and also spreadsheets as far as each story line for each book. I have a lot of timelines too.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the next in the series and how many you envisage?

A: The next one is called The Queen of Diamonds and takes up a week after the first one. This is a 13 part series, although I’ve already written a prequel and have two other stand-alone books planned from the point of view of other characters in the series.

We learned a little of the back-story for Jacq of Spades:

1500 years AC (After the Catastrophe), Benjamin Kerr built the domed city of Bridges in the midwest US, about where the Oklahoma City metro area is today.  100 years before the story begins, a civil war called the Alcatraz Coup destroyed much of the city and laid the foundations for the rise of The Four Families.

For the second edition of the Dark Humanity box set (http://getbook.at/darkhumanity), I’ve included a brand new novella called The Alcatraz Coup. Right now, it’s only available on the box set, but it’ll be available as a stand-alone novella in May.  Can’t wait? Read a bit about the Alcatraz Coup here: http://www.pattyloof.com/blog/the-alcatraz-coup/

AND, how this world became a novel:

Yes! I love history, and I love doing the backstories for things, so it was great to be able to do this. There’s a story behind this novella: originally this was planned as a stage play. The people who asked me to do the stage play backed out on it, so it was sort of in limbo. Then when I did the Dark Humanity box set, Amazon threw a monkey wrench into things by demanding that all the books in it be taken off everywhere, because the set was in KU.

I didn’t want to take The Jacq of Spades off, so in two weeks (and sick the whole time) I wrote The Alcatraz Coup as a novella and got it into the set. I think it turned out very well.

For the full Patricia Loofbourrow Live interview, check out: https://www.facebook.com/events/507745192733819/?active_tab=discussion


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