#MTW 2017 Dup Departs by Gavin Mills

Reviewed by TBBManiac Sian 

Arnold Du Preez had had enough. It is time to get out. But how and where to? Then Louanne, the hot stripper has a plan – and connections. But there is a price. …There is always a price. From the ghettos of Warsaw to the slums of Lagos to behind the scenes glitz and glamour of the first Miss World Pageant at the spectacular Palace of the Lost City, Sun City. A rollercoaster ride of violence and deception, kidnap and subversion as Ivan Bazkaowzki the Polish underlord will risk everything to protect his business interests, Genghis Kahn the massive Nigerian movie mogul will do just about anything to clear his name, and Dup will do absolutely anything to keep his family alive. Sometimes when the cards are down, all one can do is just keep moving forward…

 This book was a bit out of my genre to be honest but it was quite a good read. Being South African; it was easy to relate to both the people and the environment they were in. Dup is certainly a character that I could place among my circle of friends and that adds to the book for me. Although this book is based in South Africa; I feel that anyone from any country could relate to the characters and plot in this story. I specifically like how Mills has created characters that turn out differently from how someone would generally “box” them.

An excellent example of this is with Mr Khan; a Nigerian movie maker; who turned out to not be what I expected at all. The excellent attention to detail regarding the characters and the plot just shows what an excellent author Mills is.  The plot progresses well and realistically without delving so deep into the story that it becomes boring and without skimming over the story making it feel rushed.

 This book was enjoyable because it is not your typical bad-guy-good-guy book and certainly shows that there is duality in all people. We are not all good or all bad. We are both and sometimes good people make bad decisions and bad people make good decisions. Overall though the book held me in an excellent amount of suspense and excitement and even at times I had to dab at the tears forming in my eyes for the characters I connected with.

The only thing that I would say that I didn’t like about the book is that I did feel it was a bit short and that perhaps Mills could have given a bit more thought to the backstories of some of the characters and play the plot out a bit more.

Review Rating: 3/5

More Information:

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition

Published Date: April 20, 2016

Genre:  Thrillers / Suspense




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