#MTW 2017 The Jacq of Spades: The Red Dog Conspiracy Volume 1 By Patricia Loofbourrow | Machelle Williams

 Reviewed by TBBManiac Kim

I received an audio copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Set in a world where class separation is everything, will Jacqueline ever learn why she was kidnapped from her home in the Pot and delivered into the hands of the elite Spadros family?  Nightmares of her kidnapping, during which her best friend Air was killed, hound her.  Now married to the biggest drug-dealer in the city, Jacqueline lives in fear of her sadistic father-in-law and runs a small and secret private-eye business.  When she learns of the kidnapping of Air’s younger brother, possibly by The Red Dog’s, she knows she must find him and return him safely to his mother.

This is a very complex story and it took quite a few chapters before I began to understand how the city worked and where all the characters fitted in.  It is an intriguing tale of a society with little middle-class in this fascinating world, which has politics to boggle the mind!  This is Part One of the Red Dog Conspiracy, and yet I felt that not much of this conspiracy was divulged.  The story felt like a prequel to the real story coming in future parts – setting up the world and the characters in it.  This is not a stand-alone novel and readers wishing to experience this world should wait for future parts to be able to enjoy the full scale of the universe created.

In my opinion, this story would have done better with a different narrator.  I found that the narrator gave no character differentiation which made recognising the many people in the story very difficult.  The over-use of ‘ay’ when ‘uh’ should have been used was extremely distracting.  I also found that listening to it at a slightly faster speed, helped alleviate the croaky sound of her voice.

Overall, the author has created an interesting world, with real characters, in a story which should be read and not listened to.

Review Rating Writer:: 3/5

Review Rating Narrator:: 1/5

More Information 

Release Date:02/08/2016

Published by: Red Dog Press, LLC

Narrated by: Machelle Williams

Genre: Mystery / Steampunk

Length: 8 hrs and 31 mins (Unabridged Audiobook)




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