#MTW2017 Aries: The Sign Behind the Crime by Ronnie Allen

Lying. Deception. Cover-ups. Anger. Revenge. Death. That’s what happens when an Aries-obsessed killer combines black magick rituals, knives…and murder.

I go through phases regarding books I like and do not like to read and it has been a long time since a crime thriller like Aries has really gripped my attention. I’m so strange when it comes to these kinds of books because certain requirements need to be met. Amongst these conditions is the inability to let it go; if I HAVE TO know what happened – it’s a good book. If I NEED to find out what that clue is; it’s a great book. If I CANNOT put it down; even to sleep; well then people we have a winner. Aries was a great book and I found myself longing to know the how’s; why’s and who’s.

Although each character had an excellent back story and the plot extremely well thought out I found that one drawback for me was that I didn’t like how quickly Sam and Frank’s relationship developed. For me; given both their pasts; I would have preferred that their relationship developed over a series of books rather than within this story. I felt that this story certainly could have laid out the foundation for their relationship but by trying to fit their relationship development within this book a lot has been missed out and rushed through.

That being said; that is my only problem with the book and it wasn’t such a big problem that I didn’t enjoy the story. Allen is a remarkable story teller and the twists and turns that her plot takes are exciting and breathe taking. Her characters are not only realistic but so diverse that each character adds their little bit of flare to the story. This is a true tale of manipulation; anger and resentment while balancing out with healing; determination and a spice of love.  I would recommend this book wholeheartedly for anyone looking for the thrill of an investigation and a hint of Magic.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published by: Black Opal Books

Published Date: January 23, 2016

Genre: Thriller / Suspense



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