#MTW2017 Deadly Messengers Writer: Susan May Narrator: Anne Johnstonbrown

Reviewed by TBBManiac Kim

I received an audio copy from the author in exchange for an honest review:

Police detective O’Grady and freelance journalist Kendall are thrown together after the first of several brutal mass killings.  Investigation shows that none of the killers have the profile of a murderer, and yet, these ordinary people have committed heinous crimes.  Surely there is a connection – after all, there is no such thing as coincidence, right?

A thrilling listen, with Anne Johnstonebrown (Audible Female Narrator of the Year 2012) narrating this intriguing tale of mass murder and the lengths people can go to, to get their message across.  The twist is well plotted and the characters nicely portrayed.  The short chapters keep the story moving at an exciting pace and Anne’s versatile voice is well suited to this story.  Although there is some gory detail of the crimes committed, it is just enough for one to get the picture without being left with nightmares!  My only gripe with this tale was the rather abrupt ending – I felt it could have been fleshed out a little more.  I did however, enjoy the epilogue, which fulfilled my HEA need!

Kim’s review epilogue:

This book has made me ponder the use (or mis-use, perhaps) of prescription drugs and the honesty of the drug companies who research, manufacture and sell them.  Are we being given all the information which we need to make an informed decision, or do we just trust the health professionals who prescribe them?  This has been a thought provoking story.

Review Rating Writer:: 4.5/5

Review Rating Narrator:: 4.5/5

More Information:

Published by: Susan May

Published Date: March 29, 2016

Genre:  Thriller / Suspense



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