#MTW2017 A Necessary Act by Tony Wirt

 Reviewed by TBBManiac Robs

The Book

He’s not normal. He’s a psycho. David knows it; he’s seen it firsthand. He knows something needs to be done. Someone needs to stop Scott. But no one is listening. No one cares.

When Matt returns to his small home town taking up a position at the local newspaper he is thrown right into a potential serial killer case.  He remembers all those years ago, his best friend David telling him that horrific story. He knows he’s on to something and won’t stop until the truth is known by all, and hopefully without another body being found. How do you stop a killer before they kill again?

It’s all in the proof. You need evidence.

What I liked

1.   OK so I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers. The human brain is fascinating to me and I have a secret passion for reading about the depraved actions of others, more because I want to know why. A Necessary Act does just that. It broaches the notion of being able to stop a killer before they kill. Can one really predetermine the actions of another? Is profiling accurate? Can a person change?

2.   Oh and PTSD. Dude. It’s real. It’s really real, and I love that this is book subtly touches on the damage that can occur from not dealing with a trauma.

3.   Clues are everywhere but still the answers eluded me. I was baffled, completely and utterly baffled by the climax because I just did not see it coming. It’s thrown everything I thought I knew out the window and lugged a whole new concept to the fore of my mind.

4.   But then! Biscuit. Oh ye gods. Shame, I feel bad for Biscuit. But. Look, I’m a little sick when it comes to psycho’s and I love it when there’s a potential cliff hanger, though of course I’d love to know if this means there’s another book coming along. (Please let it be so!?)

5.   I was a victim to bullying, on more than one occasion, so with the opening of the book I couldn’t help but feel like I’d been pulled into the poor boys shoes, especially because sometimes bullying can occur without the victim seeing it as just that, bullying. Reading this book has demonstrated how easily one can not only become a victim, but how so many others may witness it without ever acting to stop it. It’s a tough subject that I loved being able to mull over in my mind.

6.   People are never as simple as black and white. Really. We like to think we’re black and white, but we aren’t. We live life with our blinkers on. We see what we chose to see, understand only what we want to and interpret information as it suits our own needs. Only, sometimes by living like that, we’re more of a danger than we realise .

What I disliked

1.   And I feel super weird for even saying this, but I wanted more. I felt like it was all over too fast. I finished this in under 4 hours, and while that’s absolute testament to a gripping and absolutely thrilling read, I was sad when it was over. I need more. I do.

Final Thoughts

I was provided with a free copy the ebook of A Necessary Act by the author in exchange for an honest review for Mystery Thriller Week 2017. Thank you to Tony for the opportunity to read it and for allowing me a chance to see the other side of psycho that we may not realise is there. It’s a difficult read which may trigger some readers, I suppose this is a fairly standard potential risk when it comes to crime/thrillers but it’s worth reading because it really does allow you the chance to consider your own take on the topic of mental health and how real or influential it is in our lives.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published by: Broken Bricks Publishing; 1 edition

Published Date: April 11, 2016

Genre:  Thriller & Suspense




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