#MTW2017 The Dandelion Clock by Sarah Key

Reviewed by: TBBManiac Sian

Silent Helene Van den Bergh has wandered the city since her release from a psychiatric hospital fifteen years earlier. Horrified when her friend is murdered, she knows the bullet was meant for her ‒ but why?

On Devil’s Peak, on the spring equinox, Helene waits for the gibbous moon to rise, unaware that two killers stalk her. The Dark Man, and Etienne Craig, The Diabolical Creation, a depraved lunatic whose lust for violence has reached its zenith. But something infinitely more evil tracks the hunters on the charred mountainside. Its depravity knows no bounds and its form cannot be predicted. Evil men set on slaughter may themselves become its prey.

Flash Peterson, Honey Esack and Petra Montgomery, the Sisters of Light, unite in a desperate scramble against the clock. Can they conquer the darkness in time to save their friend?

In this gripping psychological thriller, Sarah Key, author of Tangled Weeds, weaves the supernatural with crime to stunning effect.

I became a fan of Sarah Key’s after I read her first book – Tangled Weeds. She is an ingenious writer who is truly in touch with her story telling soul. She carries the story excellently and truly knows how to carry a reader through an intricately woven tale of so many lives.

The book itself and the pages bound within are of top quality and the text is easy to read. This is important for me for a book because there is nothing worse than a poor quality book with flimsy pages and text that is too small or printed too closely together.

The plot of the story; much like Tangled Weeds; is amazing in that it truly captures the human spirit. Between our silent protagonist and a mistreated boy-come-serial killer – Key has covered a truly dynamic range of characters. For me the best character out of them all was Petra who was a character I could strongly relate too – especially in the way she aggressively pushes people away when they get too close.

The story flows like magic and although I’m still not a fan of chopping and changing between characters I do have to admit that Key does it in such a way that you barely notice and it’s easy to keep tract of. The characters themselves develop as well as we move through their stories. They overcome their obstacles; conquer their fears; embrace their difference and forge deep friendships. It is an amazing inside look in the lives of the truly diverse nature of South Africans in one of the most culturally rich areas – The Western Cape.

The story itself was amazing and there was true magic in these pages that kept my fingers glued to the book and my eyes straining to keep in time with my brain as I devoured each page. It was an enjoyable book that will truly make you smile if you are South African as you identify the characters with people in your own life. The story was exciting with so many twists and turns that I did not see coming that I was kept on the edge of my seat and it does its genre proud. It’s got the thrills; it’s got suspense and it is an absolute mystery even in the end… I was left with questions that I know can only be answered by the next book in the series.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: Rebel ePublishers

Published Date: November 3, 2015

Genre:  Thriller / Suspense



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