#MTW2017 Zodiac: Settling the Score by Kimberly McGath

Reviewed by: TBBManiac Robs

Excerpt from the Introduction of Zodiac:

“I chose to release the unedited “raw” version of this book now because the publishing process takes months. I firmly felt that any official inquiry should take precedence. I hope that you will take such into consideration as you read on and forgive any areas of the book what would have been more polished had time constraints not have been a concern. My primary objective was to present a strong circumstantial case and not linger on the literary frills or the graphics.”

Kimberly McGath was attending a cold case seminar with fellow colleagues the day the puzzle pieces started falling into place, triggered by one simple question regarding Modus Operandi. With determination and excitement coursing through her veins she soon retired from her position in order to a)be more present in her family’s life, and b)focus more on finding proof that BTK and the Zodiac were one and the same.

I should mention I actually didn’t know Dennis Rader aka BTK even existed, so initially felt rather shocked at discovering that another serial killer had made his rounds, particularly being so similar in style to the Zodiac that this parallel could be drawn by McGath. Of course, discovering this made the book all the more interesting. How incredible would it be for this case to finally find a successful end!?

McGath starts each chapter with an intimate glance into her life and thoughts; we are introduced to her family members and the lead up to her retirement. This personal link then transitions fairly smoothly into the argument she plans on putting to the reader. I’ll be honest though while it certainly provides a good insight into her life, and the thought processes of a cop, I do not feel they were necessarily conducive to her investigation or the intention of this book, it started to feel more like a work of fiction than a fact finding, and evidence building non-fiction.

She certainly makes a number of exceptionally interesting observations which provides an almost undeniable link between BTK and Zodiac, however, I did not feel convinced that there was a connection which went ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’ that I assumed I’d have. McGath mentions lack of detail being a result of a multitude of external resources in both book, and online, forms. It feels she’s done a disservice to herself here. This is the kind of book one would pick up if one were looking for a starting point from which to begin their own amateur investigation.

It is my hope that one day the answer to “Who is Zodiac” becomes known, It excites me that McGath has made such a wide range of connections between BTK and Zodiac, and I look forward to seeing just how much weight is placed behind her investigation and whether this leads to a successful identification of what has to be the most fascinating serial killer case I’ve yet come across.

Review Rating: 2/5

More Information:

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published Date: September 7, 2015

Genre:  True Crime




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