#MTW2017 When Evil Calls Your Name Writer: John Nicoll Narrator: Emily Wilden

Reviewed By: TBBManiac Kim


I received a copy of the audiobook from the author in return for an honest review:

Cynthia Galbraith is in prison for murdering her husband – an act she carried out with no remorse.  How did an intelligent student, on her way to becoming a lawyer end up here?  The social worker assigned to her case has made no headway in trying to help Cynthia with her rehabilitation and suggests that she start a journal to help her understand how her promising life has resulted in her incarceration.

 It was interesting to see how a vibrant young woman could become so downtrodden over a period of time in which she is constantly told how useless she is.  The evil of the psychopath is demonstrated during the telling of this tale.  This is not a story I would recommend to the faint-hearted as a strong stomach is needed to bear witness to her downfall.  I did however feel that some parts of the story were too drawn out and would like to have seen more of the Doctor’s treatment of her and the children along with some of his interactions with her parents.  Somehow, I was expecting more from the author in this follow-up story.

Emily Wilden scores 21/2 stars as I found her expression of emotional outbursts a little over the top and yet, little emotion in her voice during the rest of the narration. I might attribute this to the circumstances of the main character, but it somehow felt lackluster.

 Review Rating Writer:: 3/5

Review Rating Narrator:: 2.5/5

More Information:

Published by: John Nicholl

Published Date: June 13, 2016

Genre:  Mystery / British Detective




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