On The Bit:Charlotte by Annette Kinnear

Reviewed by: TBBManiacSian
Near the coast of Tanzania pirates kidnap Charlotte, the teenage daughter of a US diplomat, and sell her on to traders. How are Catherine Zitgow and her former kidnapper, the darkly handsome Rivas Romero involved in this? And why is Romero’s stallion, the magnificent Andalus, behing held in the stables of Washington’s FBI?

Kinnear has brought to life a thrilling tale of excitement; kidnapping; mystery and love. From the first word of this book Kinnear sets the reader out on an adventure with an array of characters – all with their advantages and most certainly their faults. For me On the Bit; Charlotte was certainly an unusual book bringing together a clear understanding of love; travelling and horses.

I enjoyed unfolding the story of Charlotte through the book as the main characters Catherine and Rivas plough their away across continents searching for Charlotte with minimal clues to go on. All the while knowing where Charlotte is and what her captors are doing to her. This book is a shock to the system and in my opinion gives an excellent portrayal of what hostages go through; something a lot of books that I have read have failed to do – opting to keep the hostage situation under wraps giving minimal insight into what happens to the hostage.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was a side of Catherine that got on my nerves – although I am objective to recognize that there are people in this world with the very same traits; they are traits that can really irritate me. I feel that Catherine at times is rather self-centred and selfish but she does have a lot of redeeming qualities. Her unwavering determination to see things through for one thing is something I admire in her as a character. That for me is one of her greater redeeming qualities.

Kinnear has done a lot of research for this book and it shows in her writing as the plot develops. I enjoyed how realistic the captors were as well as the way the hostage negotiations take place. Kinnear manages to derive a sense of pity for some of Charlotte’s captors and in an instant turns it around for a deep loathing and fear; something that Charlotte experiences herself. Kinnear’s ability to get the reader to feel this way; the way Charlotte’s feel; is a true testament to her skill as a writer.

If you love mystery; if you love transcontinental adventure doused with a fiery love and if you love horses then this is a book I would recommend to you.

Review Rating: 3/5

More Information:

Published By: IRIE Inspiration (Pty) Limited (December 5, 2015)
Published Date: December 5; 2015
Genre:  Thriller / Suspense



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