Unfinished Business by Tim Baker

 Reviewed by: TBBManiac Kim

 I enjoy a story which gets me thinking of life in general.  Meg inherits the ability to help the dead resolve unfinished business.  During this journey she meets a detective who assists with some of the issues presented to her. What got me thinking was the ‘unresolved issues’ and how we need to actually live life each day without leaving unfinished business. This is a light tale, not as heavy as my review might suggest! Some humor, some mystery – just a general feel-good story.

The editing was disappointing with some misread duplication’s not having been removed – easily fixable. Kirk Winkler did a good job with the narration though,  but scores lower because of the problems with the editing (sorry Kirk!) Overall, a lovely listen.

Review Rating Writer:: 4/5

Review Rating Writer:: 3/5

More Information:

Published by: Blindogg Books

Published Date: December 16, 2013

Genre:  Thriller / Suspense



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