Sarie by Heinrich Böhmke

Reviewed by: TBBManiac Robs

The Book 

From Goodreads because there is just NO way I could create any summary that would do right by this book

“A Khoikhoi assassin, a blackmailed premier, a suicidal academic and a girl fleeing violence centuries deep. Four lives in crisis. On the same day. In the same hotel.

Sarie’s memories, the doctor tells her, are from 200 years ago. Confused and alone, all she wants is to return to her family. Jacqui plans to blackmail a senior politician. But Khaya stands in her way. He needs the politician to steer a deal his way.

Bitter about the fate of his people, Apollis feels he must shed blood to restore to them their land and dignity. Harry, unable to overcome his past, steps out of his comfort zone on the last day of his life.

When they meet, the place that birthed them all, burns.”

What I liked

I think what I like the most about this book is I still have NO idea how best to describe the love I have for it. Truly I am sitting here typing and rethinking everything and yet nothing I say seems to be doing it sufficient justice.

I’m gonna try though.

1.      It is set in South Africa, 20 years after Apartheid, but draws on a lot of the residual racial tensions which are still present today. I love locally set books. I love seeing our lingo in print and our history sprawled across the pages in an easy to follow manner. I love that it invokes conversation.

2.     There are multiple characters featured each with their own subplot, but it doesn’t feel confusing or messy. It actually reminded me of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, the way each character is both on their own, but part of the bigger picture. It’s a smooth transition between each of them and there’s no doubt about

3.     There is no chill with this book. Do not read it if you are not prepared to face politics, racism, mental instability and the like head or more like crash into it at high speed. This isn’t an easy read if you shy away from controversial subjects. But I am controversial and I love to think and question and ponder. So perfect!!!!

4.     Ethics is a focus in this book, both professional and personal. And it dives into the question of how far one would be willing to go to further your own self above all others. Are you prepared to be as dirty and corrupt as the rest of them?

5.     The beauty of unity through pain. Harry – wow. In some of our most desperately dark moments we are able to act in such a way that light is given to another.

There’s only one negative and this is more than likely a result of me losing the plot somewhere, but the ending with Apollis in the ocean confused the daylights outta me. I don’t quite get it, but I rate I may just re-read this and I’ll be tops again.

Final Thoughts

Just get it. And read it. And love it like I did. It’s awesome!

Review Rating: 5/5

More Information:

Published by: Martial Publishing (June 3, 2016)

Published Date: June 3, 2016

Genre:  South African Fiction


You can check out more about Heinrich over at his website


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