The Legend of the Guilded Scroll by S.T Hendricks

Reviewed By: TBBManiac Sian

Weaverland is a secret, golden Kingdom far beneath the Earth’s surface. There, Scrollweavers work day and night to weave magical scrolls that protect children and make all their dreams come true.

2P, Neesi and Uni are three ordinary Scrollweaver children who will discover awesome superhero powers to fight Nada. As the brave superheroes go on an incredible adventure together to retrieve the Scroll, the reader will learn all of the Golden Rules along the way, including the most important one of all – never trust a nice stranger!

 Despite this obviously being for a much younger crowd I was totally thrilled when I received a copy of this book. Firstly the presentation is beautiful. The illustrations used throughout the book are so well done that I was impressed! I decided to show my nieces and now we are fighting over who gets to read it first out of the three of them.

The story itself is heart warming and really drives home an excellent lesson all children should learn in life about not trusting strangers. Hendrik’s developed inspirational and magical characters and presented them in such a way that children can truly marvel at this beautiful tale. I recommend this book to any parent who is teaching their children about the dangers of speaking to strangers!

Review Rating: 5/5

More Information:

Published by: Magical Odyssey Publishers (June 23, 2014)

Published Date: June 23, 2014

Genre:  Children’s Book / Action & Adventure




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