Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell

Reviewed by: Robyn

OK so I should start off by admitting that I am not a fan of the romance genre by any stretch of the imagination. At least not when it comes to books; give me a movie and I’ll sit there feeling completely immersed in the story of two people finding each other, I’ll feel happy and all that stuff. Give me a book and chances are ten to one, I’ll probably spend most of the time cringing at the awkwardness of it all. So when I was asked by the author to read and review Melody’s Key, I was looking forward to it, but more as a chance to experience a new author (my new favouritest thing ever). And then I finished it. In a day. There was no way I could bring myself to put it down. It has completely thrown me for a loop, and I really wasn’t expecting it to. I’d give this more than 5 stars if I could.

The Book
Tegan Lockwood lives with her rather large, loud, and slightly crazy family, she gave up on her dreams choosing instead to focus on helping her family keep their large estate going. Financially they are barely staying afloat, emotionally Tegan is sinking. Mason Keane’s arrival for a summer of refuge and recuperation sends everything she has ever felt she knew and understood out the window, and soon these two souls find themselves on a journey of discovery and reparation which will forever change their lives.

My Thoughts
What I liked
I can barely contain my thoughts long enough to get down everything I feel about this book. I do not think I can do it justice.

1. Tegan and Mason. So, usually when I am presented with two good looking, super talented, brilliantly humourous and equally intelligent characters, I get iffy. I dislike perfection, I find I get uncomfortable. I expect a ditsy meaningless story. And I get super jealous (don’t judge me). But with these two, it is evident very early on that despite being considered as the epitome of ‘perfection’, they aren’t happy. Each of them is battling deeply personal and traumatizing experiences which have left them feeling jaded about love and as though it could never really be possible for them. They know of love, but they don’t think they can ever have it, or be able to give it to another.

2. Now would also be a good time to mention that this is Dallas Coryell’s first book. And I actually only bothered to find that out now. He writes as well as some of the more established authors out there. The intimate moments are described in such a way that you don’t feel awkward, the way he expresses the characters emotions and reactions leaves you feeling the exact same way.

3. The letters. OMG the letters. Someone please write to me the way Jonathon wrote to Violet? I’ll die. Or swoon and then die. Only for a minute or two though, because I’d need to read them again.

And as for the sign off that Mason did in his letter to Tegan! You coulda stuck a fork in me I was that done, of all the moments throughout the entire book that could have melted my heart – that was it. I wanted to scream and shout and be all “Oh my god!!! It’s meant to be! He doesn’t even realise it. Tegan! GOOOOO DAMN YOU GOOOO NOW!!!!”

4. The thing that makes this book so special is that it isn’t about perfect love. It’s not about finding someone and suddenly being able to overlook all faults and fears. It’s not about being able to just dive straight into growing as a couple. It’s about seeing and feeling a connection and allowing yourself a chance to see where it leads. Allowing the fear to ruin it all before you can look up again and feel OK about chasing it with every essence of your being, because then you’ll know it’s real and is worth that chase. And it’s not just about romantic love, it’s about loving family and friends so much you’d give up everything to be there for them, knowing when something is worth fighting for and giving a nod of support.

5. I need to add this in because I feel this stunning will actually really tie the book up nicely, in a big red bow…. head over to Dallas’ Youtube channel. He sings the damned songs. They’re more beautiful with music. I promise, just go do it.

What niggled at me
1. What happened to Simon!? Who was it? It didn’t bother me too much last night but, the dude was her anchor of friendship, and he has his own breakdown and it’s like… oh well he’s broken and heart sore that’s life

2. There were two occasions in the book where the description of the location and event were just a little too long, in no way did it hamper the overall experience for me, but I do think some may end up skipping over lines to get back to dialogue.

Love is not a simple thing, often people will stop believing that it even really exists. I know I once did. If you’re looking for a story to reignite your hope, to remind you that love is possible despite being given every reason in the world to believe it isn’t – read Melody’s Key. It’s a charmingly sweet, easily relatable and quite amusing tale which has literally become my favourite love story that I’ve read to date. It’s just absolutely beautiful. It’s an easy read and if you don’t feel something change in you after reading it, well, read it again. Simple.

And now I still feel there’s more that needs to be said but that it’ll do you more justice to just go get the damned book and read it and sit there all butterfly-hearted like I am.

Review Rating: 5/5

More Information:

Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (17 Jun. 2016)

Published Date: June 17; 2016

Genre:  Contemporary


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