Deadline by Zaheera Walker

Reviewed by: Robyn

The Book
Feriyal Adam is a determined, stubborn and committed journalist. Unfortunately her ambition is not as easily accepted and encouraged as she had initially expected, and when she finds herself fired from her position as trainee reporter, she knows life is about to change completely.

Her mother is diagnosed with cancer and before she can come to terms with one

My Thoughts
I Liked
1. Feriyal is an interesting character to follow. It is my understanding that, as a whole, people perceive Muslim woman to be submissive in societal expectations, bowing down to the roles they are expected to fulfil, so having a headstrong and independent woman such as Feriyal was interesting for me.
2. I enjoyed the story line; it was a different approach to the standard crime thriller of a cop chasing a criminal.
3. For a book which contained a love story – I was grateful for the well balanced swing between action, and lovey-dovey bits. Often times there are far too many stories placing focus on ‘damsel in distress’ persona for the leading lady. It is refreshing to encounter a character who is determined to save herself and not expecting to be carried by another, at least for the most part.
4. The idea of introducing Shyla was a good one, I think allowing the alternative perspective into the profession was really clever and could have been utilized throughout the book successfully had Walker so chosen.
5. As she works towards her goal, it does not become the central focus of her life, she does not obsess but instead allows the opportunity to things to develop as she does her own research and preparations. I enjoy gradual build ups like this.

I disliked
1. I found myself really struggling to enjoy the character dialogue, while it flowed well enough, it just didn’t feel genuine. Characters need to transition through their emotions in a way that is relatable for a reader, for me I didn’t feel I could identify with the characters, it’s like they swing from frustrated to sympathetic, satisfied to annoyed and irritated.
2. The climax of the book was far shorter than I had expected, considering the individual Feriyal is in pursuit of I had expected a little more time to be spent on drawing out her encounter.

I would also have liked to learn more about Feriyal’s first boss, I think the manner in which he acts as opposed to the conclusion in her dealings with him left a little too much unanswered for me

This is Zaheera Walker’s first book, and while I admit I didn’t connect with it as I had anticipated, I am certain that we can expect many more gripping tales from her. If you’re a fan of suspense/thriller, give Deadline a go, you won’t be disappointed and will certainly feel out of sorts when you meet the object of Feriyal’s attention.
Walker has a great concept of building the plot towards a climax and then still slipping in additional surprises after wards which ensures the reader remains interested and hooked, there were times where I couldn’t help but wonder whether this was based on personal experiences, or if this is indeed an entirely fictional, thought up concept which is a testament to a definite talent in her for storytelling and writing.

Review Rating: 3/5

More Information:

Published By: Reach Publishers (May 22, 2016)

Published Date: May 22, 2016

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

Head on over to Amazon  to purchase your own copy of Deadline, and be sure to follow Zaheera on Goodreads


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