Dup Departs: A Time to Go by Gavin Mills

The Book
Meet Dup, he is like most South Africans, tired of struggling and desperate for an opportunity to relieve the financial strain his family is currently under. Work is scarce and frustrations are building when his bad ass biker friend Louanne offers an out. What neither Dup nor Louanne realise is that they are rushing head first into one of the most life threatening situations they will ever encounter. Drugs, gangsters, strippers and dirty cops are the norm in the underworld to which Dup has barely yet step foot into, but is now desperate to escape from.

My Thoughts
I liked
1. Dup and his wife. This pairing of characters was interesting for me, because I found myself thinking how I’d react in Sarah’s (Dup’s wife) position. I kid you not – I consider her a saint for putting up with Dup’s antics, if that were me… yeah my hubby wouldn’t be that lucky.
But what I appreciated was seeing how determined these two people were in providing their kids with an opportunity for a better life, and how, when things did go pear-shaped – their support for one another never wavered and there was a commitment to just make it work. A sickly sentimental little observation, I know, but I found myself relating to them and their… situation, very easily.

2. Again this is one of our #localislekker books. Dup Departs: A Time to Go gives you the raw, uncut look at South Africa. There are no subtle hints at the bad side of our country, you get it all, and it’s in your face. I appreciated this; I can’t say why because we deal with it on a daily basis, perhaps it’s that despite all the bad, there was a good ending, but it was real, authentic and genuine and I loved it.

3. Besides Dup, there are a number of key players which are introduced throughout the book, what I appreciated here was that this was not done all at once, but there was a gradual progression through the various ranks of command that made it easy to follow who was in charge. Often time’s writers will throw in Mr. Big Shot and all 15 of his sidekicks at once and I seldom am able to fully follow the story from there. Not this time. Thank goodness.
Also, these characters are all realistically portrayed – I’m fairly certain you can ask any South African to describe the average gangsta and they’d give you a rundown that’d mirror the concept provided by Gavin.

4. The action towards the end was insane! I mean, my heart was pounding, I was tense, and I even had clammy palms as I followed the last few chapters of Dup’s journey. I knew to expect a big bang but damn Gavin – It was like reading the scene from a movie. It was great!

5. It is RAW. Jeepers is it raw. And I LOVE that. I appreciate an author who is not afraid to embrace the stereotypes and who goes against political correctness. This may not be a book for you if you do not like swearing, sexism and un-PC approaches

I disliked
1. The one disappointment for me was the ending, while it concluded the book well, I felt it to be a little too movie-esque. It’s the typical “And they lived happily ever after” ending which is great for the characters, but didn’t seem to fit with the writing and technique I’d become accustomed to

Gavin Mills is self-published and while there are a few errors here and there, I was able to overlook them because it’s just such a good book. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good ol’ crime story, it’s got the twists and turns which’ll leave you captivated and desperate for answers, cheering for the good guys and hoping that justice will be served on a nice silver platter for the baddies. Fast paced, action packed and thrilling it is a must read.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (April 20, 2016)

Published Date: 2016

Genre:  Thrillers & Suspense

You can follow Gavin on Goodreads and purchase Dup Departs over at Amazon


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