Torn Between Two Worlds: A Mothers Love by Lynne Farley

Reviewed by: Sian

Lynne Farley was a young, naive woman when the abuse started. To this day, she never stops wondering how different her life might have turned out if she had been strong enough to walk away before bad turned to worse. In Torn between Two Worlds, Farley shares her personal story of abuse and its effects on her, her children, and her family.
In this memoir, she discusses how abuse is something rarely understood by society and frequently ignored even when it’s clearly evident. People either don’t want to get involved or they simply can’t comprehend the power and control an abuser has over their victim. Many will even criticize the abused because of their

choice to live with it. Often, outsiders may not be aware of an abusive situation because the physical abuse is concealed through makeup and lies while the physiological abuse is gradually scarred deep into the victim’s soul.
By sharing her personal story of abuse in Torn between Two Worlds, Farley aims to save other women. Knowing the warning signs will help friends and family recognize abuse and to intervene.

When I started this book I was very hesitant. I had my own very valid reasons to be so. I struggle through autobiographical stories in general; I struggle with stories that involve abuse and/or children being hurt; and I struggle with stories where I know the reality of the situations the people in the books face will strike lots of nerves for me. I decided to read it anyway. My reservations were mostly right. It was hard to live through the struggles that Lynne Farley went through and it hurt me to read about what she and her family endured at the hands of a psychotic man and his family. I was wrong about struggling to read the story because it was an autobiography. It was an easy read; it flowed well and but it was a scary story. I think any story that makes us face the reality of what actually goes on in other people’s lives is really scary because this is not fiction. This is not some fantasy concocted by someone sitting at home who loves writing. This is the truth. These are our neighbours; these are the kids in our kid’s classes; these are the woman who we work with and in some cases this is us. Lynne has brought to light an issue that is only now being put under the microscope and I for one thing it is a hard story to tell. Adding to the story is the way that Lynne writes this book. Her delicate tone and sweet personality is clearly portrayed not only through the way she describes her family and herself throughout the book but through the words she chooses.

I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book – and in terms of writing I did; I thoroughly enjoyed it however the purpose of this book for me is not to enjoy it; but to be given a real and hard truth about abuse. Lynne gives you this and if you ever want to have an insight into what abuse is; or how it operates; whether it be because you are curious; suspect you are being abused or have an abused love one – this is definitely the book for you.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: Tellwell Talent (July 27th, 2016)

Published Date: 2016

Genre:  Biography / Memoir

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