The Raveners by L.D. Towers

Reviewed by: Sian

On 26 May 1897, Bram Stoker brought us the story of Dracula; an undead creature who terrorised the living by drinking their blood. He based his creature on the legends of Ireland and Eastern Europe, bringing it to life with all the pomp of Victorian literature. What if his concept was correct, but the execution was not? What if there was not one creature, but a band of twenty-four? Crusader knights who committed such a terrible act that the Pope of Rome and the Rabbis of Jerusalem joined together in petitioning God to bring a terrible curse upon them. Sentenced to eternal life as punishment for their crimes, yet hounded by both the clerical and the secular as they struggle to live them. The Jews called them Ga’ashekelah: the Raveners. To the Catholic Church, they are the Accursed Ones. Feasting on the bodies of the living to maintain their power.

What starts as a simple trip on the Eurostar to the buried trenches of World War One in Northern France is going to take Imperial War Museum expert Dr. Alexandra Horne on a journey she could never have conceived. From the bustling streets of Paris to the azure waters of Collioure and the very Vatican itself. Lexa will discover the Raveners and those who have sworn to hunt them down.

So this story is right up my alley! It was a real treat to get a vampire book to review because, well, I love Vampires! I especially love a new take on vampires. With this book I kind of lost myself in the beautiful descriptions that Tower’s offered me. I could picture Alexandra and Karl; I hissed when he was hurt and I all but swooned at the romance that spanned thousands of years. The book for me had a near perfect balance between explaining the past and living in the present – which was really important for me because I hate jumping back and forth between time periods in stories.

Aside from the beautiful descriptions I really fell in love with the characters that Tower’s developed. For me; she developed her characters perfectly through the story and they had realistic personalities. It wasn’t the usual over the board personalities that change with each chapter leaving the reader feel like the characters have a multiple personality disorder. I connected with all the characters on a personal level and enjoyed reading their adventure and sharing their triumphs and their defeats. Not to mention the AWESOME historical references and use of multiple languages that just gives the book a truly European feel to it!

 There wasn’t much fault that I could find with this book except maybe something very small. I felt like it needed just a little bit more punch; a little more action. I felt like the parts where there was awesome action happening were well described but perhaps Towers could have extended that a little bit more. The action was good; but after finishing this book and knowing what an incredible writer this was – I felt just a little more could have been done.

 Would I recommend this book? YES! Absolutely. If you’re a vampire story loving fan then definitely give this book a read! The history of Vampires in this book is amazing and well thought out and the characters will leave you wishing you were with them. I am seriously hoping that there will be a sequel!

 Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: Pronoun (September 18, 2016)

Published Date: 2016

Genre:  Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

For the Kindle edition, and other books by LD Towers you can head on over to Amazon and for our fellow Goodreads fans here is her profile


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