Tangled Weeds by Sarah Key

Reviewed By: Sian

When lives collide, and time runs out, will there be one final chance for redemption?

Damaged by childhood trauma and a series of tragedies and disappointments, Aden Cassalotti, financially and emotionally insolvent, finds solace in a crack pipe. The marijuana and magic mushroom operations in his fertile hometown no longer rake in enough to sustain him. His lifelong friend and business partner, Noel Schuurman, also relies on the much-needed income.

Aden’s neglect and detachment has a profound effect on Noel. The brooding recluse becomes dangerously deluded and volatile. Noel has killed before and, with escalating pressures, not even his mother and sister are safe on their isolated plot.

Aden accepts employment with a ruthless criminal enterprise in an urban slum where dope and flesh are pedalled. On a grisly errand to remove a corpse, he encounters Mandipa Ndlovu, who, starved and beaten, is being held with other sex slaves waiting to be sent to work.

Kgotso and Senatla Shelile hail from the same home town as Aden. Having grown up together they share an intimate bond. The search to find Mandipa, Kgotso’s abducted girlfriend, leads the Sheliles into the underbelly of Johannesburg. When fate throws the three men together in a Hillbrow strip club, the potential peril is heart-stopping.

I have so much to say about this book. An African based tale set between South Africa and Zimbabwe; Key has brought an excellent story to the table for both local and international readers. She gives excellent descriptions so that the reader can picture and hear the characters even if they are not familiar with the places she talks about which is something the reader can really appreciate. The characters stand out uniquely and the choice of words used to describe; not just the characters; but how they view their surroundings simply adds to the character in a mesmerizing way. Key gives enough details about the characters to give them background and meaning without confusing the reader or going off on random ramblings. The contrast between the characters stories that you follow in the book was something I loved about reading this book. In my mind they have the same kind of background in the form of at least one person in their lives who is willing to support them however Key drives home the message that it is our choices in life that determine our success or not.

The chapters are well sized leaving little to no chance of a lull in the story. I find that generally authors can struggle when a story moves between different places and characters  but this book not only has an excellent distinction between time; place and who but flows well from one chapter to the next; making it a highly enjoyable read. Another interesting thing that Key brings to the table is a historical value, without being academic, about the experiences and lives of the people. The plot twists in the story, although not necessarily relatable in experience, are all too realistic in an increasingly violent world.

The book was a bit hectic for me; invoking many emotions but I do recommend it highly. It’s an excellent story for anyone who enjoys suspense; adventure and a whisper of romance. Sarah Key is an excellent writer who knows how to fully capture the reader’s imagination. This book will be hard to put down as your heart pleas to know the fates of your new fictional friends.

Review Rating: 4/5

More Information:

Published By: Rebel ePublishers (2014)

Published Date: 2014

Genre: Fiction / Thriller / Suspense

You can purchase Tangled Weeds on Amazon or alternatively head over to Sarah’s Goodreads profile


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