Elemental Rising by Toni Cox


The Book (excerpt from authors Facebook page)

Follow Maia on her journey as she learns what it means to be an adult Elf, an Elemental and the Prime of her people. Her story is fraught with perilous challenges, terrifying nightmares and raging battles of war. But she has her mentor, Silas, and her dragon, Midnight, who help guide her to the final challenge. There she discovers that she has never been complete until then and her life changes … forever.

What I liked

1. Maia is an incredible character to follow. I love that she is strong, determined and feisty while still showing moments of weakness, anxiety and self-doubt. She’s relatable and had my support throughout the book

2. DRAGONS! Midnight is my new favourite. I couldn’t believe how well Toni managed to bring such deeply moving characteristics to a Dragon that left me waiting for him to shape shift into a human.

3. Intense relationship development. THIS though! Oh my gosh! There is such a subtle lead up to potential developments and twists that my heart was racing a mile a minute by the time I reached the end. I assumed I knew how things would play out, but obviously I was wrong and now I have no idea how I feel about Aaron/Maia.

4. I want to visit Elveron. The descriptions are beautifully managed and facilitated a very easy imaginative following in me, allowing a lovely imagined movie to play through my mind as I read.

5. Emotional Rollercoaster ride. OK, maybe this isn’t everyone’s cuppa but I thoroughly enjoyed that I constantly had to check myself as I read. You experience the anticipation, the excitement, the dread or fear – all of it with each of the characters

6. It is Book One of a Trilogy – Which means all is not lost, it isn’t over. I get to enjoy even more from Maia and her clan. And I get to have questions answered just to be lead into asking more questions

7. Fast paced and easy to follow. There is something which will appeal to everyone, magic, love, adventure even a bit of a mystery theme with Maia’s attempts to unravel the solution to her problem

What I disliked
1. I battled just a wee bit with the number of characters that we are introduced to. But then I did a naughty thing. And I went riiiighhhht to the end of the book. And found a brilliant little readers guide to them all. This really helped me in maintaining a smooth reading progress.

2. It’s Book One of a Trilogy. Yes. I know that’s what I liked about it. But guys. Now I have to try and wait for Book 2! How!? Am I capable of such patience?

My Conclusion

Some genres, I imagine, make it particularly difficult for new authors to break through into writing and finding success. Fantasy I consider to be one such genre as there really is a risk of falling into an almost monotonous and repeated story line. I have experienced a number of instances where one author writes almost exactly like another, with similar character histories or interactions. Toni Cox has managed to bring something new, exciting, and seriously addictive to the fore and I am beyond thrilled to have been allowed a chance to join Maia, and cannot wait to do so again.
While this is definitely suited mostly for fantasy fans, I think anyone looking for a new or different-from-their-usual read, will enjoy it immensely.
Now if you’ll excuse me my book-hang over is flaring up again.

Review Rating: 5/5

More Information:

Published By: AuthorHouseUk (February 19, 2016)

Published Date: 2016

Genre:  Contemporary

Purchase and author information is available on the website.


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